Expert Packing Services For Your Moving Needs

Do you need help packing all the items inside your home and get them ready for a long, interstate move in the upcoming month? Do you need help with a few bulky kitchen appliances or your piano for a local move across the neighborhood? No matter what type of packing services you might have in mind, BLVD Moving is here to help.

We can provide you with full and partial packing solutions for both residential and commercial needs. We also cover unpacking services if prompted, so make sure you mention that when getting in touch with our customer support. Don’t worry about any harm done to your prized possessions during the packing and/or unpacking. All of our movers are well-trained and experienced and they can guarantee a scratch-free job every time.

Keep in mind not all movers know how to pack an antique table or an Art Deco armchair that costs $5,000. You need to only rely on experienced movers who have been in the industry for many years and who know how to handle the most delicate objects with the utmost care and consideration. Don’t worry about the final bill; we do not charge our clients an arm and a leg for our packing professional services. Our main goal is to make moving and packing as affordable as possible for people in all walks of life. We strive to turn you into our loyal clients and most fervent word-of-mouth marketers and our affordable, top-quality services are our strongest argument.

Why Hire Us For Your Packing Needs?

We can assist you with the entire array of packing services at affordable prices for more peace of mind during your local or cross-country move. We offer both complete and partial packing services, depending on your exact needs.

We rely on superior quality packing materials including double padding, double wrappers and custom boxes that we can manufacture in our facility to cater to the customized needs of our clients. All of our packing supplies and procedures have been carefully tested and improved in order to ensure zero scratching, breaking and other damages that are usually caused during relocation. We handle the packing of piano, furniture, Chinaware, carpet or expensive electronics with the same level of professionalism and attention.

Besides using the right packing supplies, another important element that will make or break a move is the manpower used for the packing. Using high-quality padding will not suffice if the padding is not placed in the exact right places, according to the items it is used for. You can rest assured that our experienced movers know exactly what they are doing different every time. This is one of the things that help us raise our head high above our competitors.

What To Expect From Us

BLVD Moving currently provides complete and partial packing services for clients in all US states and areas, residential and commercial, for long and short distance moving.

Complete Packing Services

Schedule our complete packing service and we will send over a local mover who will assist you with all of your packing needs for your planned relocation. Our movers work with special padding, double and extra padding, tape, poly foam cardboards, supplies needed for void filling, bubble wrap, edge protectors and inflatable packing supplies. After carefully measuring and weighing in all the items you will require them to pack, our technicians will issue a transparent and realistic price estimate. The quote will include everything from parking and gas fees, packing supplies, toll fees and so on.

Once you will agree with the quote, we will proceed to initiate the packing or schedule a second appointment at a date that is more convenient to you and initiate the packing then. You can rest assured that all of your decorative items, furniture items, music instruments and electronic appliances will be safely packed and ready to be relocated on the day of the big move.

Partial Packing Services

Our partial packing service usually covers large and bulky furniture or appliances and musical instruments that are difficult to be manipulated and packed by clients. The same high-quality packing supplies will be used for partial packing, so pick up the phone and ask for a free quote now!

Give us a call today and schedule an appointment with us and let us handle the packing for you!

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