Simplify Your Cross-Country Moving!

Are you getting ready to move to a different US state or city due to some sudden family changes or career decisions? Eager to start college and leave your hometown? We are here to make sure your moving will run smoothly, hassle-free and, most importantly, not break your bank. BLVD Moving is truly the captain of all cross-country moving companies in America. Our long years of experience in the field have allowed us to work out a highly efficient system that caters to the needs of people in all walks of life, no matter how simple or complex their requests might be. We can pack, transport, unload, unpack or temporarily store your precious belongings and charge you some of the smallest prices for it.

We know how stressful it can be to be forced to figure out how to pack your entire life into a truck and make sure it all fits well and doesn’t break in the process. Moving heavy furniture or kitchen appliances is also a job for more than one people. If you live by yourself or you cannot rely on help from friends or family, we are your go-to team.

National Long-Distance Movers At Your Disposal

Get in touch with us and let us help you start planning your long-distance move. We will go over all the aspects of the relocation with you and make sure everything is well covered and taken care of. We do not want any unforeseen events to prevent us from delivering the quality work we have used our clients with over the years.

By hiring a professional moving company for your cross-country moving needs, you will not only save a lot of precious energy and time on all the packing and transportation, but you will also get to save money and resources. We work with the most reliable and efficient packing supplies and we can temporarily store some or all of your items in out state-of-the-art storage facilities. We know taking care of all the logistics of a move takes time and efforts and things might now always go as planned. With the new tenants or homeowners ready to move in into your old apartment or house in the immediate future and you not being able to find a new place to stay, you will need a temporary solution. Our storage spaces will fit you like a glove whether you are still looking for a new home or you simply do not have the time to move everything into your new condo apartment or 5-bedroom apartment.

We continuously work on improving our services and make them as comprehensive and useful as possible. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy by hiring us to take care of your next cross-country move.

Superior Protection For All Of Your Belongings

A rushed packing process in preparation for a big long-distance move can easily lead to expensive items being broken or damaged beyond repair. For example, you could spill a can of paint all over your precious Oriental area rug or break the vase your Great-Grandmother has left you as a family heirloom. Trying to disassemble all your bedroom furniture and pad it or cover it in wrapping could also lead to a small disaster. Do you have a piano you need to carry into a tuck or some heavy and bulky kitchen appliances that need to be relocated all the way across three states?

Don’t risk causing any irreparable damage to your prized possessions. We can help you have everything safely packed and ready to go and the great news is that you won’t have to lift a single finger for it! Whether you are interested in our complete packing services or you only need some items to be handled by our experts, get in touch with us. We can provide you with a free estimate over the phone and schedule an appointment with you straight away.

We work with the most reliable packing supplies and solutions and we can even make custom boxes for your custom-made furniture. Fragile Chinaware, smart TVs, paintings – we cover it all. We also provide commercial solutions for office spaces and warehouses that need to relocate across the state. We handle the packing of office supplies, computers included.

Affordable BLVD Moving Interstate Moving Service Prices

We handle the entire array of commercial and residential interstate moving services at affordable prices. Our experts can easily cover all packing, unpacking, loading and unloading and temporary storage needs for you. We offer free price quotes over the phone or on site and the most competitive and affordable moving prices in the industry. All of our prices and estimates cover all toll fees, gas and packing costs, manual labor, parking and delivery costs.

Call now and schedule an appointment with us for a completely streamlined cross-country moving experience!

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