How To Write A Comprehensive Moving

As one of the best interstate movers in the United States and also one of the most trustworthy local movers you could hire at the moment, BLVD Moving knowns all the ins and outs of the job. We have seen all types of problems, hiccups and emergencies that could arise during a move and we know just how to take care of them. If you are getting ready for a relocation in the near future, the first thing you should start with is the planning. A moving checklist should help you make things as smooth and accurate as possible and avoid mistakes and problems that could ruin your move.

These next few lines will tell you how to make your move as hassle-free as possible with the perfect moving checklist:

Set up the date for your move. Having a fixed date in the calendar for the local or cross-country move will help you get into the right mindset and start planning everything in a more streamlined manner. There is no time for delays and cutbacks; it’s all or nothing, as the move is fast approaching and everything needs to be au pair with your plans.

Look for a reliable moving company. Depending on your relocations needs, you could opt for a local or an interstate mover that handles long distance moves. BLVD Moving handles both and we could save you precious time and energy on your research. It is critical to select a highly reputable mover with long experience in the field and many satisfied clients so your precious possessions can get into the hands of reliable people. Make sure they have the right packing supplies and moving vans to cater to your exact needs. If you need temporary storage, make sure you hire a company that also offers these services.

Use Weekly Milestones

One month before the big move, start organizing all your documents and giving notices to your service providers (internet, cable, electricity, gas etc). Talk to your children’s school and let them know about the move so they can start preparing the transfer and all the necessary papers.

Start sorting and plunging and decide which items should be donated, sold and kept. Make an inventory of all your items so you know which goes where. Use labeled boxes for each distinct category and start sorting. If you do not have the time to personally pack everything that should be taken to your new address, including bulky furniture and appliances, the BLVD Moving team can assist you. We handle complete and partial packing services and we can assist you with your every need.

Start looking for new service providers at your new address and make sure you will have all your utilities up and running by the time you will get there. Before you move into your new home or office space, make sure you hire an authorized locksmith that can change the locks or at least have them re-keyed for more safety. Install window treatments to enjoy the privacy you will need to unpack all your items.

Remember to take photos of all the items you will be placing in the “to keep” boxes and use labels so you know exactly which items to unpack first. If you plan on using the movers for the packing, make sure they use barcode label makers. Our team uses a highly efficient automated barcode labeling system that will ensure a streamlined process.

Welcome the movers on the selected day and have them start the truck loading for all the boxes. The process will be carefully watched by our movers to make sure there will be zero problems once all the boxes will reach their destination as scheduled.

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